Exciting Updates

Really? We haven’t blogged since April?! Looks like it’s time to surface for a deep breath and an update on what’s been happening in the world of MamaCarts. Location: Our initial strategy was to launch a pilot in East Africa, Kenya specifically. However, as we took a step back it became clear that our industry […]

Building Momentum – How YOU Can Help MamaCarts

Hard to believe it has been 2-months since we were competing in San Francisco at the Hult Prize!  The MamaCarts team is incredibly honored to announce that today we were named the winners of the Global Business School Network video challenge!  This competition asked current and former MBA students to demonstrate how they are using […]

Market Research in Lima: Part 2

While I got back to the states on February 17, I have been so busy preparing for Hult Prize I never got to finish sharing  what I learned while investigating food insecurity in the slums of Lima! Aside from conducting interviews, as explained in my previous post, I also did research on Peru’s “comedores populares’ – community […]

Last Practice Run

Rachael and Lindsay (MamaCarts’ rockstar presenters) practice their pitch one last time in Fort Collins before a celebration happy hour. The team is off to San Francisco, and the Hult Prize, tomorrow morning.

Week Six – Pitch Makes Perfect

It is our final week before the big competition.  After two helpful practice pitches with our supportive group of Fort Collins friends, we’re making our last iterations to our powerpoint presentation and getting our script in order. Although there are too many people to count, we’d like to express a sincere thank you to all […]

Freddy’s Field Research in Kibera

We contracted Freddy, a friend and Kibera local, to conduct market research on behalf of our team. Over the course of two weeks, Freddy was able to capture current consumption, as well as spending, patterns from 35 residents in Kibera.  He has also helped us to understand the prices of different types of food and […]

Week Five – Diving into the Nitty Gritty Details

This week, we’re realizing just how fast six weeks fly by.  With two pitch sessions scheduled for next week, we are busy finalizing our model, presentation and development plan.  Now it’s down to the nitty gritty details! What’s in a Name?  When we thought about choosing a name for our company, it came down to […]

Market Research in Lima – Part 1

While visiting family in Peru, I (Lindsay) have had the unique opportunity to conduct primary market research on hunger and malnutrition Lima. I did most of my research in the district of Villa Maria Triunfo (VMT), one of the “pueblo jovenes” (newer settlements) of Lima. Like many cities in Latin America, and throughout the developing world, VMT […]

We’re Famous!

Okay, we’re CSU famous!  Check out our write-up in Today@ColoradoState! Thanks to Kat Ernst, Kate Jeracki and Carl Hammerdorfer for helping us get some front-page action.  Next step – a feature on Mashable!