Our Service

MamaCarts is a for-profit food cart microfranchise that leverages existing supply chains to distribute complete, clean and delicious meals to lower income urban markets.

Our Model V3



  • By supporting local markets and and suppliers, we create Better Availability of complete meals in urban slums.  Better availability is also achieved by freeing up time of our women staff, entrepreneurs and customers who will spend less time preparing food in the home and will have more time to earn an income for their family.
  • Improved quality of food due to our implementation sanitation standards in the cooking center. This reduces the risk of illness that accompanies unsafe food preparation.
  • Reduced cost of nutrient rich foods through our business model of locally produced food in bulk.
  • Increased awareness of nutrition and sanitation through the education of our staff, entrepreneurs and customers.
  • Reduced Waste of fruits and vegetables that go often to go rot in market stalls in the slums when consumers are not able afford them.
  • More Options and Empowerment of local women, who will be able to dedicate their incomes to more nutritious meals
  • Providing consistent cash flows to local food producers through regular purchasing Strengthens Communities and better insulates them from global commodity shocks.